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The things one does in Lockdown!!!!

I thought it might be a nice little project for us to create a virtual recording of a song I thought befitted the situation we find ourselves in!!! and so I chose 'From a Distance'.

I learnt very quickly that its one of those songs that whilst sounding so simple, hides devilish off-beat rhythms. It's also one thing singing this in a group of 30 with conductor and accompanist, but quite a different experience at home alone with just the accompaniment delivered through earphones to keep you on track, or should I say near enough on track, but then only after 7 or 8 tries!

I am speaking mainly of my own experience here but defy anyone to claim they can do this straight off, save the sanity of partner and pet, and be satisfied with the end result.

If this inspired introduction leaves you wondering what the 'end result' sounds like, you can listen to it on the website here thanks to those few 'brave hearts' who risked their relationships and sanity to take part in the experiment. Extra thanks to Dan who produced the final recording!

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