Corporate Sponsor


Verallo’s background and activities
For over ten years the Verallo team has been the accounting partner of choice for a multitude of companies spanning a broad range of sectors.
The office was established in 2010 and has quickly grown to provide accountancy services to over 500 businesses and 1,000 individuals. Based in Henley-on-Thames its longstanding team provide services to businesses in the surrounding area and London.

Our focus on investing in client relationships for the long term means that we always look to understand our clients most important business and personal objectives – enabling us to offer mature, focused and well-informed business insights – pinpointing opportunities for growth and helping make them a reality. This is the reason why our clients consider us as a trusted partner, with us going way beyond just compliance with regulations.


What are Verallo’s values?


We take our responsibilities seriously. Working harder for clients and delivering beyond expectations are what set us apart.

While we can achieve great things as individuals, it’s only by working together that we come to discover what’s truly possible.


Being available and receptive are what underpin great client relationships. We open the door to share our knowledge and insights.


Our first priority is always to listen and learn. When we listen, we discover fresh perspectives and ideas.


We measure our impact not simply through the bottom line, but in how far we’re able to help our clients realise their broader ambitions.


Clients need to know they can depend on us to deliver for them and protect their reputation. Integrity is at the heart of everything we do.


Why does Verallo want to support Aliquando?
We recognise that these last few years under lockdown have been more difficult for some than others and we want to play our part in helping the local community
Aliquando do a great job in raising funds to help others. We are very pleased to help sponsor them so that they can continue this great work.