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Short summary of  Brakspear’s background and activities

Pubs are our passion, we take pride and want to exceed expectations. We’re continually striving to raise the bar at Brakspear. That’s our mission as there’s always room to improve. It’s applied to everything we do, no matter how big or small.

Our family has been running pubs for over 200 years and, while many things have changed in that time, the pub remains at the heart of British life. Today, as ever, it offers great food, great drink, and a place to enjoy the company of others - friends, family or fellow drinkers.

We're lucky to have beautiful pubs but we think it’s the people inside, running the pub who matter, and that means we do things differently at Brakspear. We are still family-owned and run, which means we make all our decisions for the long-term benefit of our company, our pub tenants and our pub customers.

  • What are Brakspear’s values?


  • We use the phrase “Keep Raising the Bar” to describe our values:


  • We strive to keep it simple

  • Do the right thing

  • Dare to care

  • Make it fun

  • Have a heart and soul

  • Treat our colleagues and family, our customers as friends and our pubs like homes



  • Why does Brakspear want to support Aliquando?


  • We are attracted to Aliquando’s simple message of good music for a good cause

  • We care for our local community and wish to support others who think likewise

  • Aliquando deserve our support for all the good  they do

  • Brakspear are proud to be a corporate sponsor, enabling Aliquando to put on productions which entertain the local community but also help deserving causes

Corporate Sponsor

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