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'In memorium' a concert for the Royal British Legion to commemorate the centenary of The Great war of 1914 - 1918.  Cherubini's Requiem. also Aliquando chose Wilfred Owen's poem 'I know the music' and commissioned composer Patrick Hawes to set it to music as a special tribute to those from our community and surrounding villages who went to war to safeguard Britain's sovereignty. -

Conductor, Patrick Hawes, West Forest Sinfonia Soprano, Meryl Davies

Aliquando concert November 2011   

Raised £4100.00 for the Royal British Legion

Round me falls the night
1.6.Lili Marlene

Aliquando concert November 2014

Raised £9000 for the Royal British Legin

Remember - Patrick Hawes
I know the music - Patrick Hawes
1.9.Gott ist mein Hirt - The Lord is my Shepherd
2.2.In Flanders fields
1.14.The long day closes
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