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Corporate Sponsor


Why does Naked Planet  want to support Aliquando?

We admire the concept of Aliquando, music lovers who wish to sing to the highest standards with adventurous and demanding performance pieces, to richly entertain audiences but also to support others in need, a concept similar to our own.

For us this is a great fit as service, a focus on excellence, honesty, integrity & transparency are at the heart of both of our organisations.

When Aliquando asked us to consider being one of their select Corporate Sponsors and to help them make a difference in our community, how could we say no?


Naked Planet – Who are we?

We are a continuously evolving, principles-based business, founded by three like-minded individuals with the express intention of sourcing and developing innovative and eco-friendly smart solutions to help solve our planet’s eco-problems, thus helping to reduce the adverse impact of humanity on the environment.


What are Naked Planet’s values?

We hold a service ethos, the drive for excellence, honesty, integrity & transparency in the highest regard. These virtues are ingrained into every fibre of our employees, business, and business practices.

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