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Aliquando - Bel canto (Beautiful singing)

Singing gives both singer and listener a sensation of freedom and heartfelt expression!

If we are able to do this, then we know we are on the right track.

We are working with Nicola Vaccai's book of exercises which are disguised as beautiful, smooth, flowing melodies support by simple harmonious accompaniments which flatter the the voice and help it to become even, flexible and expressive.

Voices do not wear out from singing such music, rather they grow stronger, more beautiful and more responsive to their owners' emotions

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Anne Evans
Jun 25, 2020

another good rehearsal last night - touching on the vaccai exercises as a warm up with Jo Miller-Shepherd our accompanist and taking a look at Carmina Burana nos 18 and 22. Challenging but well worth the work. Well done Aliquando!

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